Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Drankin N Smokin [Official Audio]

Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Drankin N Smokin
'Pluto X Baby Pluto (Deluxe)' OUT NOW!
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  • 'PLUTO X BABY PLUTO' OUT NOW! 🗣🌍 Uzi.lnk.to/PlutoxBabyPlutoID

    LIL UZI VERTLIL UZI VERT5 месяцев назад
    • .?÷ y heowyfwdswehqls mbv .#3

      Nudy OgNudy Og3 дня назад
    • @KloutSurfxrツ udiusu7e8w

      Nudy OgNudy Og3 дня назад
    • @KloutSurfxrツ l0

      The realLife of LexiThe realLife of Lexi5 дней назад
    • 00]ppppppppp]]++00++0+++9 opp p]o]poo

      Trenessa TownsendTrenessa Townsend5 дней назад
    • @Deprive morning ujiu

      Jania JanuaryJania January8 дней назад
  • now why they ate like this-

    sierrasierra10 часов назад
  • Uzi sound like 09 Wayne on this track

    muntasir coopermuntasir cooper15 часов назад
  • 🐐

    Furkan TurkogluFurkan Turkoglu16 часов назад
  • Favorite song of the album no cap

    Brandon Guerra-MedinaBrandon Guerra-Medina2 дня назад
  • One of futures best songs

    Sky DomeSky Dome2 дня назад
  • Classic forever

    Anna BellaAnna Bella2 дня назад
  • This the song of the summer

    Aqiylah TravisAqiylah Travis2 дня назад
  • im using this for a montage lol

    palypaly3 дня назад
  • ??

    Doralie MoralesDoralie Morales4 дня назад
  • 'Tell me your availability - I want all of you'

    Johnny KoczelaJohnny Koczela4 дня назад
  • Classic

    Magic CookiesMagic Cookies4 дня назад
  • On repeat 24/7🍓

    SIMUDZUSIMUDZU5 дней назад
  • Pluto da best in tha game . MOH foe life

    ToGoodToBeTrue _1ToGoodToBeTrue _15 дней назад
  • Welcome back, this is not your first time here.....

    Evan RamosEvan Ramos5 дней назад
  • Just think about all the old mtv shows our moms would watch like teen mom or something while listening to this

    pedro is my favorite youtuberpedro is my favorite youtuber5 дней назад
    • bro facts lol

      Mark DuranMark Duran3 дня назад
  • Wanna see u get mo sassy if it bring out better emotions She call me a GOD the way I floated in her ocean! 🤙🏽👽

    Stedman CherryStedman Cherry5 дней назад
  • On my block it's hardddd it's harder than you ever known I'm on I'm on I'm on one those two holes got took I'm TOO much I knew that put me on pause let them hear this all I'ma savy aka savage I won't move wrong I'm strong enough to hold down the fort girl you taken get me a quote for this false hope I got goals for the culture of course I'm cold I stay chilling if that's the voice I'm the hero I want that too baby girl have fun you full of nature I got a lion Heart year 31 day 102 I'm going back to the store here I come never leave alone

    GettyStarBoyz CLUB LLC.GettyStarBoyz CLUB LLC.6 дней назад
  • “If you’re always there for me that’s a really good look”... felt that Pluto💯

    Sean MarksSean Marks6 дней назад
  • Uzi ruined it

    8kmaxxx8kmaxxx6 дней назад
    • Good

      Daniel GamerDaniel Gamer6 дней назад
    • I mean it's a album collab so it's not a feature but I thought he was goof

      Daniel GamerDaniel Gamer6 дней назад
  • future back hurtin after carrying this track

    Jayden HarrisJayden Harris7 дней назад
  • Damn! I love this song 😖

    Andy PuellesAndy Puelles7 дней назад
  • Man this hit diff

    Twitch jusKryptiseTwitch jusKryptise7 дней назад
  • my favorite song 😂😂😂😂

    jaliyah amirajaliyah amira8 дней назад
  • flowing

    GTGT9 дней назад
  • So nobody gone talk about how the producer went on off

    NÂHNÂH9 дней назад
  • The guitar in the background 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Makani SokoniMakani Sokoni9 дней назад
  • We do the most dope

    Brett GBrett G10 дней назад
  • Why does this song remind me of duke Dennis🤔

    ShinobiShinobi10 дней назад
  • This composed better than Beethoven

    sabien smithsabien smith10 дней назад
  • 🔥🔥

    Malaya garciaMalaya garcia10 дней назад
  • Your not the only one still here :)

    †DylanR††DylanR†11 дней назад
  • This song hits different when you're passing the blunt

    XxShadow XLordXxXxShadow XLordXx11 дней назад
  • Shorty tripping sheeesh

    WaterMelonDudeWaterMelonDude11 дней назад
  • straight heat nothing else

    Sofia VelazquezSofia Velazquez11 дней назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    drewwwdrewww11 дней назад
  • song reminds me of Kobe.

    Nick OrtizNick Ortiz11 дней назад
  • I don’t like uzi but every song he got with future raw asl

    EditzOn1fpsEditzOn1fps11 дней назад
  • Have a great day god love you

    ElieElie12 дней назад
  • Gas

    Hakem SledgeHakem Sledge12 дней назад
  • O

    Alexander YarbroughAlexander Yarbrough12 дней назад
  • 2:13 - 2:26 its uzi lil melody for me🥲😩

    Fuk YahhFuk Yahh12 дней назад
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Adrian RuthenbergAdrian Ruthenberg13 дней назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jamil KhalidJamil Khalid13 дней назад
  • lol

    Lucero PerezLucero Perez13 дней назад
  • Haaaaaaaaaaaa kool

    Lucero PerezLucero Perez13 дней назад
  • Luv it when these two collab

    Pascual LieraPascual Liera13 дней назад
  • Who tf made this beat tho gawwwdd dayyaamm

    YamiqiiYamiqii13 дней назад
  • Future went hard

    VibinwithKayyVibinwithKayy14 дней назад
  • :

    LoneLone14 дней назад
  • I love cc

    Andrew LomnickAndrew Lomnick15 дней назад
  • My fav song from this album

    MariusMarius15 дней назад
  • is it just me or does he sound like roddy rich

    cookie ezcookie ez17 дней назад
  • Future a great writer 👏

    Keiven MarleyKeiven Marley17 дней назад
  • This beat is SOOOOOOOOOOO groovy baaabbbyyyyyy!!!!! Annnd Futures flow... Shheeeeeeeeesssh!!! 🥰😍🥰😍🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💕💖💝💖💕

    Ashley BlackwellAshley Blackwell17 дней назад
  • Timeless track 🔥

    DaM16gunnaDaM16gunna18 дней назад
  • Here from Duke Dennis 😂😂

    Malik HaamidMalik Haamid18 дней назад
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

    joseph billsjoseph bills18 дней назад
  • You rockin with Pluto x Baby pluto ?!?!

    TheWraithxVNTheWraithxVN19 дней назад
  • am i the only or do yall think that lil baby and uzi have the same rap style im talkin bout the slow type rappin

    S A Q U R AッS A Q U R Aッ20 дней назад
  • omfg uzi ass

    king treplayking treplay20 дней назад
  • deadass a masterpiece

    kyky21 день назад
  • Song might sound good but it's not if you hear the lyrics people say anything to get paid not caring they burning away their souls n ours for liking this crap we know better but lost our style after the 70s-80s

    roy hamptonroy hampton21 день назад
  • Jp held gains Darwin Fritz hold m modes cya and agreed color bitch between buttons cheek bitch hawk corvette

    If u have curly head light skin pretty Username kysIf u have curly head light skin pretty Username kys22 дня назад
  • This song is a masterpiece 🖼

    Don DaDaDon DaDa22 дня назад
  • this got that motion picture type of vibe too it future hendrix for real

    BELIEVEBELIEVE22 дня назад
  • Drankin n Smokinnn ! If it's like that then it's like that !.

    951base951base22 дня назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ayala DavisAyala Davis23 дня назад

    Arthur CaldasArthur Caldas23 дня назад
  • This Song a whole Vibe NoCap

    YkJayyyYkJayyy24 дня назад
  • This is art nigga ART NEEGAAAAA 🤧🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Steven SevillaSteven Sevilla24 дня назад
  • Ayyyyyyyyyyy heyyyy uze

    KynnsterKynnster25 дней назад
  • Love this😩😩😩

    Saniyah ThomasSaniyah Thomas25 дней назад
  • Can do without Uzi but this is song is fuckin crazy

    StreetGospelStreetGospel25 дней назад
  • Shit get me fired up everytime!

    Darrell SuttonDarrell Sutton25 дней назад
  • O

    Kodak SKodak S26 дней назад
  • Levitating

    Elijah DanielElijah Daniel26 дней назад
  • 0:14 - 0:16 that little vocal future did with his voice is fucking beautiful

    Awsome Ipad GamingAwsome Ipad Gaming27 дней назад
    • @tredo in the cut frlll

      Saniyah ThomasSaniyah Thomas22 дня назад
    • 0:17 - 0:19 better

      tredo in the cuttredo in the cut24 дня назад
    • Frll😭😩😩

      Saniyah ThomasSaniyah Thomas25 дней назад
  • If its like that then its like thaatt 😜gotchu lightin up like lighteninggg

    DeShadrian DismukeDeShadrian Dismuke27 дней назад
  • The vibe this song gives is just immaculate

    VLone MeechVLone Meech27 дней назад
  • man Future ROOOOOOODE THIS Beat SO fire... Uzi WEnt in too tho!

    Leroy Malveaux IIILeroy Malveaux III27 дней назад
  • I keep replaying We drink up and we smoke, but she always do the most😩🥺

    ZaeskiiZaeskii27 дней назад
  • 🤟🏾🖤

    Maaziyah AllenMaaziyah Allen28 дней назад
  • If you listen to this in 2025 your a Og 😂

    Mohamed HarounMohamed Haroun29 дней назад
  • Definitely a classic

    Young PidiYoung Pidi29 дней назад
  • My girlfriend said she didn't like this song. She's single now

    Brandon SernaBrandon Serna29 дней назад
  • This moment of clarity and stripes like Burberry hottest on the album imo

    Makhi IsaroonMakhi IsaroonМесяц назад
  • Future paved the way uzi has the torch

    Hogmyball333Hogmyball333Месяц назад
  • not even gonna cap to yall, even on repeat this song still goes harder everytime.

    German GarciaGerman GarciaМесяц назад
  • Blasphemy!

    F DF DМесяц назад
  • Classic

    Darrell SuttonDarrell SuttonМесяц назад
    • Yes sirr

      Carlos vivasCarlos vivasМесяц назад
  • Bat...... always touching 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James BarnesJames BarnesМесяц назад
  • Should take uzi off, hes buns on this 1. Futures the goat

    Barnabas ValentiBarnabas ValentiМесяц назад
    • uzis verse was better lmao what

      YSM MacYSM MacМесяц назад
  • WHy He Naming 69 songs

    ItsKjSznItsKjSznМесяц назад
  • Duke Dennis Put Me On

    ItsKjSznItsKjSznМесяц назад
  • beautiful ♥

    キラ,zewnnキラ,zewnnМесяц назад
  • That beat juss too damn hard , I’m talkin bout in the club this song come on ass everywhere 😂😂😂🔥

    clout Vclout VМесяц назад
    • Facts !!😂😂

      Tray SaylesTray Sayles19 дней назад
  • Future featuring Lil Uzi **

    PerfectionPerfectionМесяц назад
  • You think you kno my bodyyyyyy😌

    Lovely NanaLovely NanaМесяц назад
  • his music hard asf , i don't idgaf what nobody say.

    Ashia TisdaleAshia TisdaleМесяц назад