Future & Lil Uzi Vert - She Never Been To Pluto [Official Audio]

Future & Lil Uzi Vert - She Never Been To Pluto
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    Kanaan BKanaan B6 дней назад
  • Futures soft ad libs funny af but lit af 😂

    Jay ._.Jay ._.9 дней назад
  • underrated on gaang nem

    VorxVorx10 дней назад
  • Imagine listening to this song while watching the stars at night

    Rio JohnRio John14 дней назад
  • Shpanish, outshtanding. The way he pronounce shit is so fucking cool for some reason

    MyLeg!MyLeg!21 день назад
  • one of the best songs that came outta 2020. will continue to listen to this forever

    Ontop RamOntop Ram25 дней назад
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    Suwandi Bin kadiSuwandi Bin kadi25 дней назад
  • Such vibe

    murdermurderМесяц назад
  • Future snapped ☹️🥺🔥🐕🎮🐐🤯🤞🏼🤣😑🤮🗞

    Trav WestwellTrav WestwellМесяц назад
  • we need more from uzi

    rousfoxrousfoxМесяц назад
  • Was this his attempt at gangsta rap? What was this exactly ???

    Isiac ArtisonIsiac ArtisonМесяц назад
  • Uziiiii go hard 🔥🔥🔥

    ful lyricsful lyricsМесяц назад
  • This song is criminally underrated it’s should millions of views bro

    Hugo helperHugo helperМесяц назад
  • I dun carry the game i ain’t weak in my legz, i carrieddd the gammeeeeeeee!!!😫😫😫🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Big Flex HecBig Flex HecМесяц назад
  • I love future's verse more then uzi's but Baby sasuke whipping up naruto😂

  • this is cool and all but what about 16*29

    JoshJoshМесяц назад
  • Yo people be sleeping on dis song 🗣

    Specter XSpecter XМесяц назад
  • "who tf is quarintine, and why he keeping me away from her,"😢😢😢

    RatRatМесяц назад
  • This song is 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

    LuisMayzLuisMayzМесяц назад
  • 🤯

    Swaggy TSwaggy TМесяц назад
  • ruhome.info/support/video/kqJ0uqOTlY6Yr7s.html

    NaNarcoNaNarcoМесяц назад
  • listen to "I Cry" by Flo Rida it's kinda similar in background vocals

    Remo CabalteraRemo CabalteraМесяц назад
  • this sounds like pop songs from 2010's

    Remo CabalteraRemo CabalteraМесяц назад
  • People sleep!!

    Chris WallaceChris WallaceМесяц назад
  • 1:12 🔥🔥🥶

    CW 8CW 82 месяца назад
  • “My cars made out of carbon fiber” Uzi knows his cars 🔥🔥 1:33

    :D:D2 месяца назад
  • 1:22 that’s uzi in his bag

    Grizzly BearGrizzly Bear2 месяца назад
  • Future's verse is so hard. Some ill melodies.

    DogmaticDogmatic2 месяца назад
  • I love uzis part & I’m honestly an indescribably huge fan of uzi but this song is futures for me at least ,i say this wondering if there’s anyone else that is actually a huge die hard uzi fan but this song just ,Futures part is ju...

    Levi DeepLevi Deep2 месяца назад
  • Don’t care what anyone thinks future had the best verse

    Tha DonTha Don2 месяца назад
  • I like future's flow there 1:45 - 2:08

    Captain PetrsonCaptain Petrson2 месяца назад
  • Got a bad ass bitch that I took from a lame🔥📚I did that but she left me 😂😂😂 one day I’ll get her back lol

    Germone ThreattGermone Threatt2 месяца назад
  • Everything on me Balenci.

    DogmaticDogmatic2 месяца назад
  • Fye

    anhdrwanhdrw2 месяца назад
  • Im in love with this beat I swearrrrrr

    BiggiePancakeBiggiePancake2 месяца назад
  • Im outta here all the way outta here baby Pluto all the way outta here😊 best part

    Joseph SernaJoseph Serna2 месяца назад
  • Bruh where is the 1mil views

    PotatoOhTempestPotatoOhTempest2 месяца назад
  • fire 🔥 🔥🔥 Fs 👌🏼

    Abraham UlloaAbraham Ulloa2 месяца назад
  • the intro remind me of pitbull and kesha -timber 😂

    bdaydogbdaydog2 месяца назад
  • ughh future is trash :/

    TyraniaTyrania2 месяца назад
  • Future did not have to spazz like that on dis

    Logan KeachLogan Keach2 месяца назад

    Sj 300Sj 3002 месяца назад
  • Pluto bout to be a planet again

    marcus 1400marcus 14003 месяца назад
  • Vibe

    DevxnDevxn3 месяца назад
  • Jesus loves you

    free headdfree headd3 месяца назад
  • balenci balenci balenci

    Ezel Hates YouEzel Hates You3 месяца назад
    • best part lol .. and the billy ray cryus reference from Future

      Keith ShaunKeith Shaun3 месяца назад
  • It’s the 8 bit noise in the background for me.I luv it

    ulyuly3 месяца назад
  • When he said Balenci I felt that

    Kubilay Kenan IşıklıKubilay Kenan Işıklı3 месяца назад
  • Slappin

    rodbanksrodbanks3 месяца назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    rodbanksrodbanks3 месяца назад
  • Good beat Brandon Finessin

    Kaminator EpicGamerKaminator EpicGamer3 месяца назад
  • Uzi floating

    Irfan AliIrfan Ali3 месяца назад
  • Uzi said “she was kicking shit with me like Judo” 😂😂 we gon let that slide?

    Monyuiir MajakMonyuiir Majak3 месяца назад
  • Art at its finest even after death we will be find 🤲🏾💯💜 forever

    Germone ThreattGermone Threatt3 месяца назад
  • Kicked a bitch out like toodles, lobster 🦞 on my plate came a long way from noodles 🍝 .. My pockets getting bigger then a sumo 🤼‍♀️

    mboz63mboz633 месяца назад
  • this song mad fire🔥🔥

    Me, Myself And IMe, Myself And I3 месяца назад
  • It's 2021 😭☄️✨

    prod. Zodiprod. Zodi3 месяца назад
  • Future comes in on fire on this.

    Orc PeonOrc Peon3 месяца назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Lock DJLock DJ3 месяца назад
  • Best song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dezzy MackDezzy Mack3 месяца назад
  • this the best song on the album imo, can't believe it's been a month already since the tape dropped

    Hugo helperHugo helper3 месяца назад
  • This is just such a happy sounding song, along with songs like Bankroll. These are probably my 2 favorite songs on the album. Very solid album overall in my opinion

    I have a pipe bombI have a pipe bomb3 месяца назад
    • agreeed

      Gary the SnailGary the Snail2 месяца назад
  • That Chicago bop type beat 💰

    sam yeezysam yeezy3 месяца назад
  • 🤮

    Feather GoatFeather Goat3 месяца назад
  • Bruh! Balenci Balenci Balenci

    sam yeezysam yeezy3 месяца назад
  • Tudos

    alex simmonsalex simmons3 месяца назад
  • Balenci balenci balenci balenci

    Alias RockstarrAlias Rockstarr3 месяца назад
  • Every girl going to Pluto now

    Tyler HarrisTyler Harris3 месяца назад
  • Future said he hit the dougie then he dabbed it in lmao

    Luke BolgerLuke Bolger4 месяца назад
  • I think it's easy to say that a lot of these beats sound like uzi type beats. And future STILL kills it like always. Love u pluto and bb pluto!!

    elijahcozart999elijahcozart9994 месяца назад
  • Uzi Vert you too good

    Wang JohnWang John4 месяца назад
  • Check me out on Instagram nickymoney215 😜😌

    Nick FerriolaNick Ferriola4 месяца назад
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    Niska MondueNiska Mondue4 месяца назад
  • Im proud of u niggas for dropping them bodies u get u a bird membership if a gang of niggas gone go up when I go up can't forget em

    Diavion WashingtonDiavion Washington4 месяца назад
  • 666,657 views bruh -edit 666,670 -edit2 666,686 damn

    iPodiPod4 месяца назад
  • Here at 666k views

    TsukiTsuki4 месяца назад
  • Yakoneeee

    Kova GDKova GD4 месяца назад
  • I remenber baby pluto🤓🤓

    Ronald TriguerosRonald Trigueros4 месяца назад
  • Bro the beat is art 🔥

    D RD R4 месяца назад
  • lil uzi: girls who never been to pluto turn me off

    Marcos Perez SanchezMarcos Perez Sanchez4 месяца назад
  • The beat lowkey remembers me 2013 Chief Keef type beats, we got a really nice job here

  • 🔥

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake4 месяца назад
  • This shoulda been the first song on the album with that intro tbh

    Do ItDo It4 месяца назад
  • knock it out the park home run albert pujols ‼️🔥🔥

    BeanBean4 месяца назад
  • Balenci balenci balenci

    Kubilay Kenan IşıklıKubilay Kenan Işıklı4 месяца назад
  • deserves more than 600k … balenci balenci balenci

    aspect noahaspect noah4 месяца назад
  • Slide🏄🏄🏄🏄

    Iota SuttonIota Sutton4 месяца назад
  • Best!!!!!!!!

    Steve LabileSteve Labile4 месяца назад
  • Am I the only one who thinks thugger would’ve kill led this beat

    Bigelite KavonBigelite Kavon4 месяца назад
  • uzi and future the duo we never knew we needed

    wdblz IIwdblz II4 месяца назад
  • Best Song On The Tape 🔥

    Life With DudLife With Dud4 месяца назад
  • 이번 앨범중 제일좋은 노래👍👍

    뚠형뚠형4 месяца назад
  • My favorite song on the album. I feel like both artists contributed equally on this one. And the beat is 🔥

    jonathan marlowejonathan marlowe4 месяца назад

    BRENDEN33029BRENDEN330294 месяца назад
  • 0:30

    Eziio 9Eziio 94 месяца назад
  • I shoot the 3 like I'm Ray Allen (Got Damn)

    KennethKenneth4 месяца назад
  • ruhome.info/support/video/a35mpaO5q5t5sbs.html

    Partlow 34Partlow 344 месяца назад
    • 2 hits- e waye out now 🔥💎⚡️

      Partlow 34Partlow 344 месяца назад
  • 0:43 - 0:59 is the best part of the song besides the instrumental. Dont care about what was said, im talkin bout that melody/harmony.✨

    seuqram7seuqram74 месяца назад
  • I get 09' 10' vibes off this!🌠👽🖖🏽💯

    VegaVega4 месяца назад
  • Future sounds so fucking good over these type of dance beats. It's like bringing a hood nigga to a candy shop

    JustinJustin4 месяца назад
    • 🔥🔥

      D RD R4 месяца назад
    • Facts 😭💯

      HUNCHOHUNCHO4 месяца назад