Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Baby Sasuke [Official Audio]

Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Baby Sasuke
'Pluto X Baby Pluto (Deluxe)' OUT NOW!
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  • 'PLUTO X BABY PLUTO [DELUXE]' OUT NOW! 🗣🌍 Uzi.lnk.to/PlutoxBabyPlutoDeluxeID

    LIL UZI VERTLIL UZI VERT5 месяцев назад
    • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Jasmine WilliamsJasmine Williams11 часов назад
    • I can sing this word for word

      Prince JaidenPrince Jaiden19 дней назад
    • Thank you for blessing us with this duo album

      SKYQRUSKYQRU25 дней назад
    • Lil Uzi balling hard

      lil badboylil badboyМесяц назад
    • ruhome.info/support/video/pH9n24Cul5tvgdk.html

      YGN RecordsYGN RecordsМесяц назад
  • trash

    D'jamson TanisD'jamson Tanis12 часов назад
  • хайпер поп

    Тём4ик2005Тём4ик2005День назад
  • This lit

    Life as TaniyahLife as TaniyahДень назад
  • Baby Sasuke Baby norto

    Carl Mcfall3Carl Mcfall32 дня назад
  • This is a classic. I'm sorry

    Simply BallingSimply Balling2 дня назад
  • Why baby me

    lil artelil arte3 дня назад
  • Mikasa killed eren.

    Motivated ConorMotivated Conor3 дня назад
  • TiGhten up blood I G dat kukoc roof Gone love dat one G calling out 1 of the oriGinal dynasty bull dem YounG shawty from the "GO" on ya ass now broski

    Katrez BasnightKatrez Basnight3 дня назад
  • Dis bih hard

    DreadHead EntDreadHead Ent4 дня назад
  • The intro is godly

    CJustin12CJustin124 дня назад
  • Лайк, кто от симпла

    Santa ClaysSanta Clays4 дня назад
    • захахаххаа

      Тём4ик2005Тём4ик2005День назад
  • Yk I’m upper echelon!

    Yungin GloYungin Glo5 дней назад
  • 👩🏽‍🎤💞

    FaZe PravyFaZe Pravy5 дней назад
  • This shit so fire am I in a genjutsu

    YT TR3YYT TR3Y6 дней назад
  • 🌌This song is fire but if you close your eyes for the whole song I opened mine with tears. It gets you thinkin. You know life gon be ok. This song is a new type of masterpiece.

    Absolute pussy magnetAbsolute pussy magnet7 дней назад
  • Baby sasukeeee not NarutoOooo

    Norah.C. IIVNorah.C. IIV7 дней назад
  • 응애 나 애기 사스케

    국내 짝수암컷 교배 갤주엄준식국내 짝수암컷 교배 갤주엄준식7 дней назад
  • 🔥🎯

    Germone ThreattGermone Threatt8 дней назад
  • 0:26

    DisplayszDisplaysz9 дней назад
  • What about me

    Shisui UchihaShisui Uchiha11 дней назад
  • Best song on tape

    forgi!forgi!11 дней назад
  • Xd

    Nahuel JuarezNahuel Juarez12 дней назад
  • Esta muy buena la musoc alov you

    Nahuel JuarezNahuel Juarez12 дней назад
  • 👻👻👻

    Nahuel JuarezNahuel Juarez12 дней назад
  • Drop a baby neji😳

    H3ll0 YtH3ll0 Yt12 дней назад
  • “baby sasuke and narutoe”🤣

    ChrisChris12 дней назад
  • This one wasn't as lit as the original Sasuke 😭

    still Donstill Don13 дней назад
  • Yeah

    Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
    • Mamamskamkakaklakskao

      Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
    • Mamammaammmaamoa

      Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
    • Mamamaksxmamamzoalkmzkao

      Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
    • Kamzkakakzmlmzamakakapp

      Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
    • Mmammmmmmksakoaoa

      Joew LambertJoew Lambert13 дней назад
  • itachi next !

    Elijah DavisElijah Davis14 дней назад
  • What about baby naruto

    amir framir fr15 дней назад
  • Im here for baby sasuke tho😂😂

    Lamar CaldwellLamar Caldwell15 дней назад
  • Im sorry but this song is so underrated🔥🔥🔥🔥🧿♥️ on ytb

    Hhff HfjfjfHhff Hfjfjf15 дней назад
  • 🍀🍀🍀😁😁😁

    Happy guy 7752Happy guy 775216 дней назад
  • Didn't know Lil uzi watched anime😐

    lil zumiezlil zumiez16 дней назад
    • He literally has multiple foreign cars with anime characters On them

      Nightmare Productions!!!Nightmare Productions!!!14 дней назад

    1filippo1filippo17 дней назад
  • But Naruto Uzumaki is cool to tho 😭

    ThatOneShinobiThatOneShinobi17 дней назад
  • hardest song on the tape

    uncle grapesuncle grapes17 дней назад

    Lil PAPPYLil PAPPY18 дней назад
  • Quem veio pelo vídeo do xvideos? Skskskks

    IcaroxiIcaroxi19 дней назад
  • Yoo whole comment section with naruto 🐐's

    FeitanFeitan20 дней назад
  • Why u obsessed with baby Sasuke and not me ahhhh rasengan

    Naruto UzamakiNaruto Uzamaki20 дней назад
  • At 1:46 who closed the door fam 😂😂😂

    James AlvarezJames Alvarez21 день назад
  • yo he said he went to hell it was fun ? 🤨

    Jason RenJason Ren21 день назад
  • next song:Respect Sasuke

    Pe ce sv juca-ti mc?Pe ce sv juca-ti mc?21 день назад
  • Tony kukoc

    Paul SainiPaul Saini22 дня назад
  • uzi da fackin goattttt

    Vl The studiosVl The studios23 дня назад
  • Old man Naruto?

    AZZYAZZY23 дня назад
  • This some heat 🔥

    George CisnerosGeorge Cisneros25 дней назад
  • This song is so good

    SKYQRUSKYQRU25 дней назад

    MushrafMushraf25 дней назад
  • Bruh i just wanted to actually see baby sasuke

    baands x cruzbaands x cruz25 дней назад
  • Kukoc

    Adrian LandAdrian Land26 дней назад
  • Love u❤️

    Lorenzo PaganelliLorenzo Paganelli27 дней назад
  • So fucking hard

    YannisYannis27 дней назад
  • You’re allowed to your own opinion but respect the values of the other how they started as what they grew up on and ik Bc if I’m lil uzi completely and I want him to be exactly how he was but with correcting found the first step I did see the infinity stone out there I could use to wipe the thought

    Cameron BuellCameron Buell27 дней назад
  • Baby Goku lol

    ターナーカレブターナーカレブ28 дней назад
  • this doesn't even remotely sound like future, the fuck?

    oo zeoo zeМесяц назад
  • I’m convinced that liluzivert is Sakura irl 😂

    Chakram *Chakram *Месяц назад
  • Why you so obsessed with my rival student?

    Obito UchihaObito UchihaМесяц назад
    • ...

      Gaynus GodGaynus God21 день назад
  • 80% of the comment section about Sasuke

    Romario BrownRomario BrownМесяц назад

    KOSA GamingKOSA GamingМесяц назад
  • There were so many good beats on this album but most of them were wasted

    KOSA GamingKOSA GamingМесяц назад
  • This song isn’t ass but it isn’t good

    KOSA GamingKOSA GamingМесяц назад
  • Spitting 🔥

    lil badboylil badboyМесяц назад
  • I love how they let Uzi start the song

    rasheed soborasheed soboМесяц назад
  • Future fucking up a feature again he’s shit

    The Clips You NeedThe Clips You NeedМесяц назад

    cymplcymplМесяц назад
  • Trippin

    MozzeMozzeМесяц назад
  • POV: you listed to this song 69 times

    ゴメスジョナサンゴメスジョナサンМесяц назад
  • Does Future rap about Naruto too?

    AKIRAASMR300AKIRAASMR300Месяц назад
  • What's makes this song even better is that i watched Naruto for the first time while listening to this

    Ian BrockIan BrockМесяц назад
  • Absolute GARBAGE 🤮🤮🤮 i was just looking for a pic of baby sasuke damn

    bytheWAYbytheWAYМесяц назад
  • aye wbu baby Naruto?

  • Im just smiling

    Alexander EhtridgeAlexander EhtridgeМесяц назад
  • i slept on this damn

    Mando GucciMando GucciМесяц назад
  • He turned from Lil Uzi to Lil Sakura

    Purkio 2xPurkio 2xМесяц назад
  • Now this is a vibe

    RexRexМесяц назад
  • Uzi never miss

    BruhOOFBruhOOFМесяц назад
  • Naruto we have to train so he can make a song about us next

    AnimatedVirgoAnimatedVirgoМесяц назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🌟

    Molly SanMolly SanМесяц назад
  • What happened with baby naruto???

    MeliiMeliiМесяц назад
  • This is my fave uzi song now

    SquirtleFanSquirtleFanМесяц назад
  • I gotta start uzi part over every time lol

    Dequan PapiDequan PapiМесяц назад
  • "baby sasukee, not naruto" naruto: talk no jutsu uzi: "baby naruto not sasuke"

    azzy11_azzy11_Месяц назад
  • I thought the unreleased song sasuke 2 was my most favorite lil uzi vert song but when I discovered this song it now my new most favorite one.

    diamond firediamond fireМесяц назад
  • The world shall no pain

    Moumin HijazMoumin HijazМесяц назад
  • sasuke

    Steve CsorbaSteve CsorbaМесяц назад
  • Naruto would bump this proudly through the village

    Sabastian RepselSabastian RepselМесяц назад
  • Mongekyo Sharingan!

    Oluwasanumi BalogunOluwasanumi BalogunМесяц назад
  • Love this track

    Aaron JohnsonAaron JohnsonМесяц назад
  • The gun cock before futures verse was just amazing

    Joshua VielleJoshua VielleМесяц назад
  • everybody says dis album is trash but dat is fire

    MicheQツMicheQツМесяц назад
  • OMG

    full gold sy spyfull gold sy spyМесяц назад
  • кто из России

    _UвAнЫч__UвAнЫч_Месяц назад
  • typical autotune garbage

    RitorodidaskalosRitorodidaskalosМесяц назад
  • yuhbishigivimehead nowisgoindown

    bdaydogbdaydogМесяц назад
  • I made a comment with the name of my channel "Naruto Uzumaki"... so this is me again ...So you were the one who was obsessed with my obsession, when are you gonna drop baby naruto?

    JoshyboiJoshyboiМесяц назад
  • hardest song ever made

    TrayVon ScofieldTrayVon ScofieldМесяц назад
  • Baby yoda

    ChampagnepapiChampagnepapiМесяц назад